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Unlike universities in other countries, in the United States, you do not have to immediately decide on the exact choice of your future specialty. However, if you know what you want to study, make sure each university you choose has an accredited program.

Accreditation of an educational institution indicates that it meets certain academic standards. If your college or university is not accredited, then you will not be able to transfer your credits (grades) to any other accredited institution.

The fact is that in the United States there is no Department of Education or other government body that would establish national educational standards.

Colleges and universities are members of professional associations that set educational standards and are involved in the public accreditation of educational institutions.

What is the role of an education consultant

An admissions consultant will help you decide on the choice of an educational institution, assess your chances of admission to a particular school. You can find the trusted US educational consulting center on this website

Various commercial and non-profit organizations can act as educational consultants. They publish special brochures and catalogs to make it easier to find a university, provide information about important TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT exams, invite to meetings with graduates of American universities, hold presentation meetings, and assist in the preparation and sending of documents.

In addition, educational consultants can help with applications for admission to an American university/college. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • Personal data: your full name, age, address, marital status, place of birth, citizenship, etc.
  • Your resume. Similar to a resume for a job, but less formal. May include your membership in a club, previously earned awards, your successes and achievements in sports, music.
  • Curriculum indicating the number of hours listened or “transcript” (Student Report Summary Of Academic Records).
  • You need to have 2 letters of recommendation (the number may vary depending on the educational institution).

Typically, the university will ask you to write 2 essays, however, this rule varies depending on the college.

In the first essay, you will need to explain why you want to enter this educational institution, what specialty you have chosen, what are your career plans, ideas for making scientific research.

In the second essay, you should reveal your personal qualities by choosing a topic yourself. The essay should talk about you, your life values ​​and interests, explain how you differ from other candidates.

The choice of topic is very important. Don’t be tempted to write an essay quickly, you may need time to think carefully about everything. Pay special attention to the introduction, it should briefly reflect the main idea of ​​what you are going to write about in the rest of the parts.