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Healthcare and nursing staffing agencies such as Unihcr com are designed to fill vacancies and gaps in healthcare provider companies, with the resources and expertise to search for candidates with the right qualifications, training and experience to fill the positions they require.

These agencies help in the marketing and selling of opportunities so that health professionals can obtain a job that matches what they are looking for and guarantees the benefits they expect.

Unihcr pre-qualifies candidates for positions by taking into account their credentials, education and previous experience in the field, and coordinates the interview process with job applicants.

The way Unihcr’s recruiters work consists of a thorough review of many CVs, according to the variety of employers’ needs, to make a pre-selection of candidates, who are interviewed via telephone, and then the evaluation of technical and professional skills, to maintain a very high standard in the services offered by the agency.

The selection process is rigorous, which guarantees to maintain a team of excellent health professionals, who meet the minimum requirements, with active, current, verified and clear licenses that allow them to practice without inconveniences.

An agency such as is in charge of checking references, work history, and relevant medical records of the recruits, providing them with attractive alternatives such as Per Diem work, which consists of jobs and payments for daily or temporary work, giving them the benefit of obtaining work shifts in different entities.

In addition, this modality offers them the possibility to broaden their skills and their curriculum, as well as to better organize their time and work in the areas that suit them best, diversifying their income so that they do not depend on a single shift.

They can even work on different floors in the same facility, which represents another benefit, by saving travel time and transportation costs. On the other hand, they have more opportunities for growth in the health field, being able to work in different areas, improves experience and allows the acquisition of new knowledge and skills to become better professionals.

Recruiting health care nurses requires special and varied skills such as organization, focus and attention to detail, because in this job something as delicate as people’s health is at stake, so finding candidates for these tasks is very professional and requires skilled people.

Unihcr com recruiters are selected to meet the demands and responsibilities of the health market.