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Dental implants are the next best thing to your real teeth. They are so similar to your natural teeth, such that someone else cannot tell if you have one. From their appearance, feel and functionality these implants offer you long-term value that will restore your confident smile. But the main reason remains, “when are dental implants necessary?” We answer you below.

Tooth Loss

Whenever you lose a tooth, you can only get a denture or a bridge, right? Well, this is not true. You can still get a dental implant even with a missing tooth. They will give you a more natural look, and they are so comfortable.

Therefore, dental implants are great options when you’ve lost a tooth, and don’t want to get crowns, dentures, or bridges. Remember, if you don’t replace a lost tooth quickly, the gap will continue getting wider with time. So, the early you deal with the problem, the better.

Deteriorating Jawbone

While dental implants are widely known for their aesthetic benefits, they also boost the overall functionality of your mouth. They come in handy to help you achieve a healthy bite. This is because your mouth is naturally designed to function optimally with all teeth intact. Therefore, a missing tooth, or teeth means imbalance to the entire system. And as a result, the jawbone might strain too much and begin to deteriorate.

To prevent this, dental implants okc will come in handy to replace the missing tooth ensuring each tooth remains properly in its place to support the jawbone. Remember, the health of the jawbone is primarily preserved by the pressure and stimulus of healthy chewing teeth.

Lack of Confident Smile

We cannot ignore the visual aspect of dental implants. As mentioned earlier, they are beautiful and mimic your natural teeth. So, if your missing tooth or teeth has been making you feel self-conscious when in gatherings such that you cannot even afford to smile, you might want to get an implant.

Keep in mind, your self-confidence and self-esteem also contribute to your general well-being. You cannot say you’re completely okay if you can’t eat comfortably at social gatherings.

Also, if smiling or laughing means pain, worry and holding back to you, your solution might just be a simple dental implant.

Ill-fitting Dentures

If your dentures aren’t fitting well, getting dental implants can give you much-needed relief. The good thing is that you easily get your dentures replaced with dental implants so that you can enjoy life. Also, with dental implants, cleaning your teeth will be blissful, which is an added advantage.